OROGOLD Fashions for Fall – ORO GOLD Reviews

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Young woman sitting in a pile of leaves wearing fall fashionsWith fall just around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about the fashions for fall. This fall promises lots of warm sweaters, colorful selections, cute boots and shoes, and makeup tricks that promote the cool weather look as summer comes to an end.

Depending upon where you live, it may already be sweater and jeans weather. Maybe, it’s still warm as the summer months drag late into the fall months like in Florida, California, and New Mexico. Just because it’s not yet cool out, doesn’t mean you can’t ready your closet for when the cool weather does hit!

Sweaters, Jeans & Leggings – oh my!

Fall is all about sweater weather, hoodies, leggings, and jeans. Finding cute sweaters at almost every department store or boutique is becoming relatively easy as the fall lineup has already been released. From chenille to cashmere, soft, neutral colors are the way to go…

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OROGOLD Helps You Revamp Your Style: Buying a Car for Your Personality

An article I wrote on buying a car for your personality type

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Young woman showing off the keys to her new carBuying a car can sometimes be a stressful ordeal. There are so many makes and models, and new technology being added to them every day. It can be difficult to know what car is the right choice for you. Safety is of course important, as well as design and comfort.

If you want to simplify which car is the right one for you, why not base it on your personality?

Buying a car that fits you as a person is crucial to your overall happiness with the vehicle you are committing to buying and payments you are no doubt going to be making for quite some time. Selecting a style you truly like, a color you like, and a model that’s right for you is important!

If you’re a big city living, fast paced lifestyle kind of girl, consider something sporty in your favorite color. Likewise, if you are a country…

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OROGOLD Examines High Fashion in Ancient Egyptian Times – ORO GOLD Reviews

An article I wrote on High Fashion in Ancient Egyptian Times

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Papyrus depicting ancient Egyptian civilizationHigh fashion isn’t typically something we think about when thinking about Ancient Egyptian culture and times. During that time period, however, there were various people in the wealthy and royal culture that shaped the fashion of the future.

When we think high fashion, we tend to think of New York fashion week, old Hollywood style, chic Paris, preppy London, and luxurious Milan. What most of us overlook is the fact that there was a time long ago in Ancient Egypt where women such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Isis ruled the country and the fashion world while adorned in gorgeous dresses, jewels, and gold.

Egyptian linen was the most widely used material for those in royalty and positions of power, as well as civilians. Egyptian linen is completely different from the typical linen we see and think of today. The material was made exquisitely, and with much care in the crafting…

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OROGOLD Offers Tips on Hiring a Personal Shopper – ORO GOLD Reviews

An article I wrote for Oro Gold Cosmetics on Hiring a Personal Shopper

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Personal shopper sitting in her officeLeading a busy and hectic lifestyle can at times take a toll on our ability to complete the day to day tasks in everyday life. Things such as getting the shopping done become even more hectic and difficult due to time constraints. Sometimes, it’s necessary to hire help – and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

There are a few important steps you should take before hiring anyone, which will protect you as well as match you up with someone with the proper qualifications for the job.

Step One – Do Your Research

You should know what it is exactly that you are looking for before actually trying to hire help. If you simply want a personal shopper, do some research on what exactly a personal shopper does. Also, research the rates most personal shoppers will charge per hour or per assignment so that you have a…

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OROGOLD Reveals Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets – ORO GOLD Reviews

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Oro Gold Cosmetics

Ancient Egyptian Beauty When we think about Ancient Egyptian beauty, the first thing that tends to come to mind was the beautiful Queen of Egypt herself: Cleopatra. Cleopatra was touted as the most beautiful Queen to have ever lived, and it’s no wonder her beauty secrets have been revered for centuries.

Cleopatra would write her beauty recipes and secrets down on papyrus and form them into scrolls. Many years later, these scrolls were discovered – along with all of the wonderful beauty tricks and tips she had to offer.

It is with great pleasure we bring you some of those secrets today, in this article on Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets and their revelation.

Milk & Honey

Milk and honey have long been considered essential to moisturizing the skin. Cleopatra would take a daily goat milk bath and incorporate honey into the water with the milk. Goat’s milk contains alpha-hydroxy components as well as…

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Vine Vera Brings You Five Lipstick Shades to Try – VineVera Reviews

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Vine Vera

Various colors of dripping lipstick shadesFall is here, and it’s time to delve into the wonderful, colorful world of autumn colors and looks. This year, there are some incredible color schemes to choose from in terms of clothes and makeup. Vine Vera is here to provide you with some tips on choosing the coolest shades (no pun intended!) for fall 2014.

#1: Nudes

Nude lips are a forever classic, and can work with any skin tone. While the color isn’t vibrant and flashy, nude colors are exceptionally versatile and go with any outfit. The look is clean and classy, and can work for any time of day or night. Nude shades offer a subtle look while dressing up your lips for work, or even for a night out with friends. There are various nude shades to fit any skin tone, and they vary in depth to give you the perfect look you are going…

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