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One Size Fits All – Or Does It?

I was cooking dinner tonight for my kids when the thought of a package I am to be receiving crossed my mind. In this package is a gorgeous piece of lingerie, one I’ve been anticipating receiving for about a week now. When I made the purchase, I went into this knowing that the article of clothing was a, ‘One Size Fits All’ piece – I will refer to this by it’s name or OSFA to save myself some time.

A year or so ago, I would have scoffed at the thought of a One Size Fits All option. This is in part because my weight was significantly higher than it is now, and also, because I didn’t believe in the idea that one size could truly fit all.

What prompted me to actually make the purchase was the fact that it was a rare piece, one I hadn’t seen anything quite like before. Why am I telling you this today? Well, because I still truly dislike the term One Size Fits All.

Every woman’s body is different. Who’s to say something that will comfortably fit a size 7 woman, such as myself, will fit a size 11 or 14, such as I used to be? It’s nearly impossible, even if the item were to be made of the stretchiest fabric in the world – something nylon like – and not only would it not look good or feel good, but it would also drive down a woman’s confidence who has never purchased a OSFA option. When she makes this purchase online, for instance, she might assume this piece would surely fit her – after all, it will fit everyone. Won’t it?

While every woman’s body is different and common sense would tell us that a OSFA option probably won’t fit everyone, I feel it needs to be said that clothing companies should really include a mandatory disclosure that a One Size Fits All item is truly not meant for every woman, of every weight, and every body shape. Amen?

I personally know this item will fit me now, but the me a year ago would never have been able to get away with such an item. Although I personally knew that these types of items wouldn’t fit me, not every woman does know. Sad, but true.

No matter what your body type, love it, embrace it, and cherish it. After all, you only get one body. Take care of it, nourish it, and treat it right – and chances are, you will love what you end up with in the end.

That’s all for now – I hope everyone is having a stellar night.

Beauty Blogger Sarah

What Are You Thankful For? Thanksgiving Special


Today, I am thankful for my children, my husband, my mother – family, essentially. It’s everything to me. I am also thankful for coffee. I’m thankful for the roof over my head (a nice one, to boot), and for the fact that I have never had to go without. I’m thankful for having had an education, and the ability to do what I love for work. I’m thankful for all of the opportunities that have come my way. I’m thankful for the fact that I have never had to go hungry, while there are others starving and suffering. I’m thankful for my health, although it’s not the best, it could always be so much worse. I am thankful my little boy doesn’t need brain surgery as previously thought. I am thankful I have learned from my mistakes. I am thankful for the ability to walk, see, taste, hear, and feel. I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life. I have so, so many blessings.

So, what are you thankful for?