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Old Hollywood Glamour Posts Coming Soon!


I absolutely adore Old Hollywood Glamour and I am determined to re-create some of the looks starlets of the past have worn, such as those of Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield and Lauren Backall. I am super excited to undertake this project, and I am currently planning on doing at least 3 looks to post over the next few weeks to a month. This is going to based on pure desire to re-create the looks on my own. I won’t be dying my hair bleach blonde as some of the stars had, however I will do my best to mimic the styles with the natural hair color I do have.

Who’s as pumped as I am?!

I can’t wait to share the pictures with all of you! I’m sure going to need to study up a bit, but I’m gonna nail this!


Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday, everyone!