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Magazine Articles Coming Soon!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to give you all an update real quick on some of my feature magazine articles I have in the works.

Remember a couple of months back, I had mentioned I had a few articles coming in a major magazine? Well, the magazine has been sent to print (finally!) and will be available for purchase within the next two months. I wish I had a definite time frame on the actual publication date, but as of yet, I can only tell you that the magazine should be available within the next two months.

The magazine is: OROGOLD Magazine, a major luxury magazine that focuses on the luxury lifestyle, exclusive cosmetics and products, and exotic travel destinations, among other fabulous genres. This publication is available worldwide, and so all of my friends from various countries will be able to get their own copy from news stands and high end boutiques. I am really excited to receive my copy, and when I do, I will be sure to scan/upload the magazine articles I had written for all of you to read.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!