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Product Review: Caress Love Forever 12 Hours Scent Technology Body Wash & Simple Micellar Water

I recently received this product, the Caress Love Forever 12 Hour Scent Technology Body Wash, in a Vox Box from, along with a bottle of Simple Micellar Water, as a complimentary product for sample and review. Here is what I think of the products.

DSC04739Caress Love Forever Body Wash

This body wash is brand new in the Caress line of products, and has just now become available for purchase. It’s the first of it’s kind in that it provides 12 hour scent technology. The bottle claims that whenever you touch your skin for up to 12 hours, it will release a burst of scent. After using the product, I find the claims to be true. It’s impressive, to say the least.

The product smells like roses, peaches, and berry notes. It’s very feminine, and leaves you smelling gorgeous all day long. If you forget your perfume but have used this product for your morning shower – no worries, you will still smell great! I’ve received compliments and people have asked me what I am wearing. That’s how you know it’s good.

I will admit, the first time I used the product, it was overwhelming in scent because I used too much. It does state on the back of the bottle to use a small amount, but the first time I used it I went a bit overboard and used about a golf ball sized amount. Oops!

The second time I used it, I used about a quarter sized amount, and the scent wasn’t overpowering – it was just right. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth all at once. I love this product and I recommend it highly. I would buy it in the store.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

When I received this product, I was super excited to give it a try. Not only does it cleanse your face without the use of water, but it also hydrates and provides moisturization, and it also removed makeup. What?! Yes, you read right. A three in one product free of harsh dyes, chemicals, and additives. I really, really wanted this product to be great – and guess what? It is.

I used it to remove my foundation, blush and bronzer and it worked fantastic. Simply apply the product to a cotton pad, swipe it gently across your face – no harsh scrubbing, ladies – and voila! Its like magic. I was super impressed. The only problem I had was with the fact that it didn’t remove my waterproof eyeliner and mascara – but that was to be expected. I needed to use makeup wipes on that area.

The second time I used it, I made sure to use it on regular mascara and eyeliner, and I’m happy to report that the product worked well and removed all traces of the makeup. I even did a spot test after both uses to see if the product really removed all traces of makeup with a makeup removing wipe, and it did. Very happy girl here, and I will definitely add it to my skin care routine.

I encourage you ladies to give both products a try, because if your experience is anything like mine was, you will adore both of these products and be thoroughly happy with your purchase.

Have any of you tried these products out? What did you think about them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


These products were received complimentary/free from the  Vox Box program for sample/review purposes. This in no way reflects my honest opinion of the products I have reviewed in any way.

Product Review: Forever Flawless Skincare

I had the ultimate privilege this past week of receiving an amazing kit from one of the most luxurious companies known to the skin care industry – Forever Flawless Cosmetics. After speaking with them, they lightning shipped out an amazing product package to me via UPS and I got to try the products, and have been using them all week long. I must say – I have never been so impressed with a skin care company’s products as I have been with theirs – ever. Now, that’s saying something.

The products I received are as follows:



Snake Venom (2)




The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is the gorgeous packaging on each of the products. When I say gorgeous, that’s an understatement. The black and white pattern on the boxes looked artistic and classy, and was super pretty. I was very impressed by the boxes alone. It was when I opened each of the boxes that I literally had a jaw dropping, “Ooh,” and, “Ahh!” moment. With absolutely no exaggeration what-so-ever intended, I was so amazed by the beauty of the containers themselves, I had to show them off to everyone. They just looked so impressive and I knew I would put them on display for everyone to see!


I grabbed my camera and began snapping pictures immediately, because I just couldn’t wait to give these products a try and see if they worked as well as they were beautiful.



Not to my surprise, they worked as well as I knew they would. If a company would spend as much on their packaging and design as Forever Flawless does, the products have got to speak volumes – and undoubtedly, they did.



The Diamond Infused Cleansing Complex

This product left my skin feeling rejuvenated, clean, and well moisturized. It’s just the right amount creamy, just the right amount foamy, and gently exfoliates with the inclusion of the diamond dust to leave a smooth, polished, matte look that feels clean all day. I must admit, I used the product twice per day, and I generally I have dry skin during the winter months – even living in South Florida. This product didn’t dry my skin out, and didn’t affect my sensitive skin in any negative way. Overall, I rate this product a 10/10 – and I don’t think I have ever rated a product a perfect 10. I am definitely going to be replenishing this product when I run out. The best part, aside from the fact that I got to wash my face with actual diamonds, is the scent. I absolutely adore the fresh, clean scent of the product – and that makes me want to use it all the more.





The Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

This facial peel was unlike any other facial peel I’ve ever used in the past. It spread on smooth, peeled easily without the need to use a washcloth to remove remaining product, and leaves your skin feeling supple, moisturized, and the pores feeling much cleaner than before the actual application. I believe this is attributed to the fine diamond powder within the gel itself that helps bond to the particles within the skin and helps lift them, as well as oil and debris from makeup. It leaves your skin looking like a fresh, new canvas and I can guarantee your skin has never felt so clear. I had two blemishes at the time I used the product. Typically, it takes days to get them to go away. After using this product, they were gone the next morning. Unbelievable! I would recommend this product to those with all skin types. Again, it didn’t affect my combination/dry skin in any sort of negative way, and worked perfectly as it was supposed to. I give this product a 10/10.





Diamond Infused HYDRA-AM Night Cream

This cream is without a doubt the best face cream I have ever had the privilege of using. I can’t tell you enough how fabulous it made my skin feel. The dryness I experience around the sides of my nose and between my eyebrows was instantly alleviated – and my entire face and neck just felt like it was drinking up the fabulous moisture this product provided. I was over the moon excited that I now have a product I can use that doesn’t make the oily parts of my face feel any  more oily, but that actually somehow makes it feel more even and toned down. It was like, a miracle in a jar. Without any stretch of the truth, any woman of any age would benefit from this product and I would have to say this is my favorite product from the three piece set because I am never able to find a good moisturizer cream that a.)doesn’t make my skin feel more oily or greasy than it does in certain areas, and b.)actually works to alleviate the dry skin I experience, and keep it gone as if it were healed. It smells beautiful, feels so creamy and silky, and is truly unlike any other cream I have ever experienced before. Any woman would be doing herself a disservice if she didn’t try this product and experience the luxury of the product for herself.


I have to admit, this next one sounded a bit intimidating at first, but once I actually read into a bit more and did some research on their website, as well as read the product insert, I felt a lot more at ease about using the product.






Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Snake Venom Correcting Cream

Perhaps, now you can see my initial apprehension when hearing the name. When I read the product insert, it explained that the complex which is in this phenomenal product is actually a peptide that mimics the Polypeptide in the venom of the Temple Viper, allowing the facial muscles to relax instead of contract, therefore ridding the skin of fine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing any from forming. Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit of a concern to me at 31 years of age. Although I’m still young and barely have any skin damage (other than the lovely freckles I inherited from my mother) or signs of aging showing as of yet, I do have some fine lines near my left eye and a couple really small ones on my forehead, and with just one simple application of the product, it was as if the lines diminished. I couldn’t believe the transformation. It was as if I never had them to begin with! My overall face took on a much more youthful appearance from this product alone. You only need a very small amount of product to smooth out and nearly remove all fine lines and wrinkles, and it can be used once per week.


Before the Snake Venom Correcting Cream:

Under Eye Area
Under Eye Area





After the Snake Venom Correcting Cream:


Under eye area after one application of Snake Venom Correcting Cream
Under eye area after one application of Snake Venom Correcting Cream
After Forever Flawless


Forehead after Snake Venom Correcting Cream
Forehead after Snake Venom Correcting Cream

Overall, these products made me look about 3-4 years younger. As it is, I get compliments all the time from random women on my skin, and they are shocked when I tell them my real age. They tell me I look anywhere from 21-23 years old. So to look about 3 years younger than that really makes me happy! Truly, I couldn’t be happier with these products and I would highly recommend and praise them up and down to anyone I could express it to who would take the time listen. For now, I suppose this review can suffice!


If you would like to get your hands on Forever Flawless products for yourself, feel free to visit their website or follow them on social media:


Twitter: @FFcosmetics

Instagram: @ForeverFlawlessSkincare

Pinterest:  Forever Flawless ( )


I saved the best for last!!!



Stay tuned today for a contest I am posting so that one of you can WIN your very own set of Forever Flawless products – the same exact products I reviewed here in my blog – courtesy of Forever Flawless!



*This post is sponsored by Forever Flawless. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and are in no way influenced by the company. My opinions of the products are honest reviews based upon how I feel about the products received. I will never knowingly deceive any of my readers and uphold myself to always tell the truth.



Lionesse Beauty Review: Eye Shimmers

When I was contacted by Olga from Lionesse to do a product test and review, I was very excited and happy. Now, I have been a beauty blogger and product tester/reviewer for quite some time. I had heard great things about these products, but I had never had the chance to actually use them or even see them in person. I knew I was going to like the products, but I wasn’t aware I would actually love them this much! Before I spend too much time talking your ear off about the excitement factor, I will just get right into the review. Mind you, I write for Lionesse – but this is a completely personal-opinionated, unbiased opinion of their products based upon my own personal experience. This is as honest as it gets, folks! Here we go.

My Experience With Lionesse

To start, let me just say the shipping offered was Fed Ex – lightning fast, might I add. The products were well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. The outer box wasn’t damaged in any way.

When I actually received the box and tore into it like a little kid on Christmas morning, I was stunned at the brilliance of each color pot. Seriously, these colors were illuminated by the sunlight coming through my window, and the colors were absolutely brilliant. So much better than in the pictures on their website – and those were gorgeous, so I was elated!

Once I unwrapped and opened each individual color pot, I realized I was already in love with these items! I was blown away at the amazing flecks of color throughout each jar, each of them with their own contrasting color scheme. I could tell these were going to be fantastic products once applied – and I couldn’t have been more in love. They shone with brilliance, as if there were diamond powder in each of them. I was so excited to try them on and see what the product would look like on my skin!

The first shade I attempted was the gold shimmer powder, number SH-20. This was by far my absolute favorite shade. I am partial to gold toned products and gold toned everything, to be honest. When I tried this on my skin – even without any foundations or primers – the color showed perfectly, shone as if it were on fire, and was breathtaking. When the light hit it, it sparkled and illuminated. I was literally staring at my eyes for at least 2 minutes before I could move! I love this particular shade, and I can definitely see myself buying more of this in the future! This is also going to be my go-to shade for this month, as it appears very festive – unless of course I want to switch it up with the SH-10 – but more on that later down the list.

The second shade I tried was the purple shade, SH-11. Holy purple. It was very comparable to MAC’s Purple Haze shade, except I have to admit – I love this product much better. The blue speck pigment throughout the pot drew me in immediately. I could instantly tell that this was going to become my new favorite shade for going out. Pair this with some black eye shadow, jet black liner, and a highlighter, and I have a perfect look for a gorgeous smokey eye or cat eye.

Third, I used the SH-10, which is a coppery hue with silver specks throughout, and I have to say – this color perfectly complimented my medium skin tone. It also brought out my eye color exceptionally well. This color is also perfect for the month of December and for the remainder of the winter months, as metallic shades are so in right now and will be until winter has run its course. I would pair this with a brown gel liner and a cream highlighter for wear to the office, or even somewhere like church. It’s gorgeous and subtle.

Fourth was the SH-09. This pearlescent hue was one of the  best illuminating shades I have ever used. It was as if I were applying crushed pearls to  my lids. I would use this as a cheekbone highlighter as well, and if feeling daring or sexy, could use it as a dusting powder on my upper chest area when going out with my husband on date night. I think there’s a lot more than meets the eye to this simple shade – it would work well for any skin tone.

Last, but certainly not least, was SH-11. This one was one of my favorites, due to the exceptionally female feel and look to it. Its rosy color makes it perfect for every day wear and you could even sub other products – such as blusher- out for this. It offers all of the illuminating power you could need to give you a glowing look, while providing a girly look in a snap without taking too much time in front of the mirror. This shade looks fab with rosy pink lips and wearing your hair in some gentle waves.

These products are made from nothing but nature’s goodness. Mineral makeups are one of my absolute favorites due to their natural properties. I tend to have semi-sensitive skin, and am always weary about trying new products out of fear I may break out or get a batch of hives. I didn’t have to worry about that with Lionesse. According to their website’s ingredient list, all you will find in their eye shimmers is Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides. Pure, simple, and truthful.

These products would be fab as Christmas gifts, or to use as a special stocking stuffer.

I don’t think any girl could ask for more than these products offer. They’re affordable, gorgeous, and do all of what you want them to plus more. There are many other uses for these products, such as hair, nails, and et cetera – but more on that later. For now, I will revel in the amazingness of Lioness. I give them my seal of approval!