Charlotte Tilbury: Scent of a Dream Review

I was excited to receive a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Scent of a Dream’ in the mail, lightning fast and shipped directly to me from Charlotte Tilbury herself. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of scent, only that this perfume was supposed to scream ‘SEXY’!master-soad-bottle-image.jpgThe bottle looks a bit crystalline and I love the classic look to it. It’s very old glam. Once I received the sample and opened the bottle, the first thing that hit me was what a stunning, different scent this was. I could instantly detect high notes of a woodsy, musky scent, as well as a bit of peach. I could also detect what seemed to be Patchouli. I was right on both counts. Apparently, the top notes within this perfume are peach, lemon, and black pepper. The mid-notes are jasmine, frankincense, tuberose and violet, and base notes of fire tree, patchouli, and ambroxan.

This is an incredibly sophisticated scent, and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for anything other than an evening out, or for an intimate evening in. This scent is every bit as sexy as the claims that were made of it. The longer it sits on your skin and has a chance to work and change with your pH, or, ‘dry down’ as it’s called, the better it smells. I loved the scent the more it sat on my skin, and by the next morning I loved it even more. I can’t explain how incredibly satisfying this scent is.

This scent does not have anything citrusy or light about it at all. Make no mistake, its a thick layered scent that can only be described as black and mild cigars meets a glass of wine. Seriously, just try it for yourself. If you like a musk, woodsy scent, the scent of patchouli, and other deep floral scents, and like a strong perfume that lasts without being overpowering, this is the one for you.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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