Stitch Fix – My New Fashion Bundle Obsession

Hi Ladies!
Today, I want to tell you about Stitch Fix, a brand new concept in fashion. Have you ever wanted to have your own personal stylist, but never thought you’d be able to afford it? Do you lead a busy lifestyle, and are unable to go out and shop as often as you’d like to? I think I’ve found what we’ve all been looking for in that regard.

Meet Stitch Fix, the personal styling team that caters to you at an affordable price – and you will always receive a variety of clothing items to choose from that you will most likely love!

The concept behind the service is simple:

You complete a style profile, letting the team know your true personal style, stats, measurements, and the other items aside from clothing you’d be interested in. You schedule a date to receive a shipment. Once you schedule your shipment, you will need to pay a $20 styling fee. The $20 is then applied as a credit towards whatever items you choose to keep from your box. From there, a bundle box is dispatched out to you with items your personal stylist has chosen for you, and the shipment will usually contain 5 items. From there, you will choose what to keep and what to send back within a 3 day time frame. Shipping items you don’t want back is free, as a pre-paid return sticker is included with your shipment. Only pay for what you keep, and send the rest back!

You can schedule shipments as often as you like – or even once every 3 months. It’s completely up to you!

Items your stylist may send out in a shipment to you are as follows:










and so much more. They are always adding new items into their arsenal, and work with a lot of indie and up and coming brands to bring you styles nobody else you know will be wearing. To me, I think that’s pretty awesome!

Most items cost about $50 each, but you can choose the ‘least expensive’ option, which will get you finds for any price range below that. There is a lot to choose from.

They offer sizes available from XS (0)- XL (14)! Petite sizes are also available as well.

If you’re interested in checking them out and signing up for the service, click here to find out more. I am literally obsessed with this site, and can’t wait to receive my first shipment in August!

Do yourself a favor, and check them out!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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