Young Teens and Makeup: Is it Right?

An article I wrote a while back that I feel should be shared yet again.

All Things Beauty

This post is going to be written based purely on personal opinion.

I will keep it short and sweet, and to the point. I wanted to share my outlook on young teen girls and the idea of makeup. When I say young teen girls, I mean between the ages of 13-15, respectively.

Being a mother of two teenage daughters myself, ages 13 and 15, I do not condone the use of cosmetic products under any circumstances for them. All of their friends wear makeup, true. High school can be a brutal place to fit in. I get that. However; I truly feel they are beautiful just the way they are, and I’m not being biased.

Girls today are under immense pressure to feel and look older, thanks to society’s standards. Unfortunately, magazines and TV make them feel as though they need to compete, or grow up way too soon. Personally…

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