Using Old Beauty Tools for Modern Styles and Purposes

Old Beauty Products New UsesMost of us have tons of old beauty tools sitting around from days and even years gone by. Some of them may be sitting in a closet in our bathrooms, others may be packed away in boxed stuffed up in the attic. There are just certain products we couldn’t bear to part with. Remember your first curling iron? Of course you do – you’ve still got it. What about your first flat iron? Yep, got that too. And for those of us who lived through the 80’s, you probably still have your first, most amazing hair tool ever – the crimping iron!

There are tons of products which can be repurposed and used for other means aside from beauty, or even repurposed for beauty itself. Let’s take a look at some of these items, and the new ways you might be able to use them.

Flat Irons

You can make use of an old flat iron by using it as a mini touch up iron for clothes. Yes, clothes! Simply plug in your flat iron, let it heat up, and go over dry clothes as you would your own hair to fight wrinkles.

Blow Dryers

Have an old blow dryer laying around? Maybe you stopped using it because it wasn’t up to part with your new one, or you got sick of burning your hair. Regardless, now’s your chance to make use of this tool for other purposes. Use the heat from the blow dryer to clear foggy mirrors and windows after a shower.

Makeup Sponges or Eyeshadow Applicators

You know those sponge-y eyeshadow applicators you bought a pack of, or that came with your eyeshadow, that you just never used because you have a brush set that far supersedes any application ability these things have? Now’s your chance to re-purpose them for a trendy, stylish manicure look. Simply swipe two nail colors of your choosing, one right next to the other, over the sponge. Press down onto your nail and rock back and forth a bit. Remove to reveal the perfect ombre manicure! The great thing about these sponges is that they fit the nail bed perfectly, for the most part. The same can be done with old makeup sponges you no longer have any use for.

Mascara Wands

Mascara wands can be cleaned up and reused as well. You can wash them well and use them as an eyebrow brush, or use them to scrub underneath your nails before a mani.


If you’ve got a pack of old toothbrushes you never made use of, you can now put them to use. Give yourself a lip exfoliation by gently moving the toothbrush around in small circles on your lips using a lip scrub such as philosophy’s Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub, or making one of your own. If you have used toothbrushes, clean them well and they can be used as a cleaning tool to scrub around sinks, clean grout on tile, or get into hard to reach areas that a sponge just won’t reach.

Old Makeup Palettes

You know those old makeup palettes you’ve been hanging onto for years and just never got rid of? Use them to store broken blushers or eyeshadow chunks that you can’t seem to part with.

Too-Dark Bronzer

If you made the mistake of purchasing a too-dark bronzing product, no worries – rather than spend time in the sun and damage your skin, create your own instant bronze glow for your legs by incorporating some of the bronzer into some of your favorite lotion, blending well, and applying to your legs for a gorgeous bronze glow.

Old Nail Polish

Old nail polishes that you love and you’ve been hanging onto but can’t use due to the product becoming cakey may be able to be revived. Simply add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Shake, and it should be ready to use!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this helpful re-purposing article as much as I have loved writing it. Do you have any tips for re-using old beauty items? Leave them in a comment below!


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