Random Acts of Rudeness: Signs Your Etiquette May Need Help

This was absolutely brilliant. STOP BEING RUDE, people. A great read from a lovely blogger!

Style Domination

George Costanza Jerk Store Seinfeld Etiquette Rude BehaviourA few days ago I was driving to work and had the misfortune of being tailgated by a jerk.  She drove her a big, black SUV so closely to my car that I’m sure it must have looked like I was giving her tow.  It’s not like I was driving slowly either as I was racing to work at about 15km/h over the speed limit myself.  Finally, THANKFULLY, the road split into two lanes and she raced past me.  Unfortunately, she also raced past a stopped school bus that was picking up children in front of us.  Our traffic laws dictate that that you must stop behind the bus until all children have boarded…but I guess the law didn’t apply to her! Needless to say, it was a pretty crappy way to start the day.

It got me thinking about everyday rude behaviour that we have all seemed to have…

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