Fashions for Easter Sunday

For those who celebrate Easter Sunday, you know how joyous this weekend can be. Many of you will be looking forward to a nice dinner with family, Easter egg hunts with the kids, dip dyeing eggs, and lots of candy. Dressing up in your Sunday best and heading out to a church service or mass is something of a tradition in your household. Perhaps you need a little help getting ready, and you aren’t quite sure what to wear this year. No worries – I’m here to give you a few cute options that won’t break your bank, will leave you looking your best, and will have you looking classy and stylish no matter what your style.

Depending on where you’re located, dressing up in a nice dress with some heels and an Easter hat is usually pretty commonplace – at least, it is here in the South. It was also this way living and growing up in Boston, Massachusetts. For my family, getting up and having a nice, early breakfast – buffet style, usually at one of our favorite restaurants – and heading to an early sunrise church service was always something we took part in. Now that I’m grown and have children of my own, the traditions have changed a bit – but my core beliefs have remained. Easter means something more to me now that I fully understand the concept behind it, and what it means for me.

When it comes to choosing dresses for Easter, everyone has their own style. Lets take a look at a couple different options below that would be perfect for the Easter Holiday.

Easter Dress Options

Easter Ideas

Each of these gorgeous dresses are modest, classy, casual enough, and affordable. They are mostly vintage inspired, which is making a huge comeback. Choose bright, happy Spring colors and accessorize with hats, necklaces, bracelets and dressy gloves. Pair your dress with some of your favorite shoes – sandals, stilettos or pumps work well with these types of looks and dresses.

What’s your Easter style? I’d love to hear about it in a comment below!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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