Embrace Your Curls!

Over the past week, I’ve been rocking my natural curls due to the fact that my husband adores then and despises my straightened hair. I thought I would encourage more women to give it a try, and rock their natural curls for a week to see if they like them or not. I think it’s beginning to grow on me!

Here is what it’s looked like on a few different occasions over the past week, like fresh out of the shower, in the morning when I wake up, at night, etc. Funny thing about my hair: I haven’t dyed it at all over the past two years – I’ve only dip dyed once with Kool Aid – and that faded long ago, so the multitude of calico colors you see in my hair are all natural.  No highlights, nothing. I’ve got gold, red, and brown. Wicked!

Pic 1: Just woke up

Pic 2,3, and 4: At night before bed

Pic 5: After shower

DSC04757 DSC04772 DSC04773 DSC04774 DSC04780

11 thoughts on “Embrace Your Curls!

    1. Thanks, love! I was never really much of a fan of wearing my curls…the more I wear them, though, the more I start to feel more comfortable with it. I’m happy with the way they look lately. ☺ It’s difficult, sometimes, wearing my hair curly – especially if I am going to be outside, because I live in South Florida and its brutally hot and humid here.

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      1. You’re welcome! Well in a way they work out well for me because it’s hot and dry here where I’m living right now in Las Vegas. I tend to get a bit sweaty in the back of my hair so it’s not that noticeable with curls like it would be if I were to straighten my hair. Though I haven’t worn my hair curly in a little while and am thinking I should soon. 🙂


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