High End Products for Spring 2015

High End Beauty Items for Spring 2015

For the Eyes and Cheeks

Two high end products for Spring 2015 that I believe are absolutely brilliant, gorgeous, and mention-worthy are these two beautiful products pictured above.

The product on the left is Chantecaille ‘The Glacier’ Eyeshadow Trio Palatte, $70 from Barneys New York. These colors are neutral, offer the perfect color scheme for Spring, and are absolutely gorgeous to look at. Also available for purchase on their website.

The product on the right is Guerlain ‘Meteorites Perles’ de Blus, available at Nordstrom for $53.00. The beautiful vintage inspired container is like a work of art for your vanity, and provides bright, vibrant color for your cheeks throughout the spring and summer months.

For the Lips

High End Lip Products Spring 2015

The Dior ‘Kingdom of Colors – Addict’ Gloss plumps the lips, gives a brilliant shine, and is straight from the runways for a rich, pink pout and seasonal look just perfect for spring. $29.50; available from Nordstrom.

The Michael Kors Eau de Parfum + Lip Gloss Duo Rollerball is a fantastic limited edition combo set, in which you receive a beautifully fragranced rollerball perfume in a light, floral scent just perfect for spring on one side, and a light, glamorous pink hued lip gloss on the other side. Again, this item is limited edition and is selling out fast! $27, Available from Macy’s.

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