Love Thyself

SO, I was perusing on CNN’s website this morning and saw a headline that caught my eye:

‘Mom Proud of Flabby Bikini Photo that Went Viral’

And you know I just had to click on it. Quite honestly, it made my day. As a mother of four, I completely understand this woman’s desire to just be real, transparent, and be who she is – and love every minute of it! And to be perfectly honest, she looks absolutely stunning and amazing! She’s thin, but has a few stretch marks. Yes, there’s also some loose skin. And so what if she does have these things? Does that make her any less beautiful? Does it make her disgusting? No. Not at all. If anything, those are her battle scars, her story, a piece of her children that is always with her. I absolutely adore this woman for having the bravery and brevity to post this picture, and to inspire women everywhere to be themselves, love themselves, and be real.

Check the video out below!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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