Bed Head: How to Deal, and How to Fight Back

Casper (1)

Bed head.

It’s something we hate to deal with, but it’s an inevitable evil in which we all deal with on an occasional – or regular – basis.

Have you ever woken up in the morning with wild, crazy hair that you can’t seem to shake? Are your curls all frizzed, messy and hard to handle? Do you find yourself spending too much time day in and day out, relentlessly combing out the mess left behind from a restless night’s sleep? I’ve been there before myself – more times than I care to admit! It’s not fun, and it certainly isn’t pretty. With naturally curly hair, it can be difficult to manage my hair on a daily basis when I wear it in it’s natural state. There are days when no amount of product can keep it looking great first thing in the morning due to a bad night’s sleep.

Here’s something to ponder upon: have you ever wondered if your crazy, wild bed head might be due to sleeping on a bad mattress? The answer to that question is maybe. In fact, a bad mattress can cause more than frizz, and wild, unruly hair. It can cause backaches, body aches, a feeling of fatigue throughout the day, and even put you into a generally unpleasant mood. Let’s face it – nobody likes a grouch, unless your name is Oscar.

Maybe it’s time for a new mattress. Maybe you’ve been saying it for years. The average mattress is supposed to last 8-10 years, roughly, for the average adult. Of course, this can all depend on your mattress’s model, quality, and care. Why not treat yourself to something nice and new for a change?

Casper Pillow Talk

Enter Casper, a new start up company which launched in the Spring of 2014, which is an innovative company with a cool concept mattress – literally. Their latex and memory foam mattress will cool you while you sleep, keeping you from sweating and thus, keeping your hair from turning into a hot mess while you sleep. Aside from that, they are extremely comfortable, and actually really inexpensive for the amazing quality they possess. If you might be in the market for a new mattress, they are certainly worth checking into! I know I will definitely consider them when it comes time to purchase a new mattress.

So, how do I combat my bed head? Well, there’s a few ways in which I choose to deal with it depending on how much free time I have to play with. I would rather not leave the house looking like a lion, so you’ll never find me out and about when my hair has been worn to bed and it’s curly. If my hair was straightened and I went to bed, chances are, the bedhead won’t be so difficult to deal with – and in that case, it makes life easier.

This is my curly haired routine when I wake up to fight bed head:

1. Wash it. Generally, this works best for me because after that, I need to add products – namely a curl serum, frizz serum, mousse, and hairspray. Yes, it really takes me all of that to go on about my day (plus time for my makeup) unless I decide to opt for option 2.

2. Put it up. Depending on how much time I have to work with, I might just have to opt for putting it up. Curly, frizzy hair makes for amazing cotton candy buns, might I add! With a little teasing and hairspray, you’ll have a killer bun in no time.

3. If I’m staying home, I rock it. My husband loves my hair when it’s wild, so if I’ve got no plans and nowhere to go, I occasionally wear it that way just to make him happy. What can I say?

4. Take the Easy Route. Spritz some water onto the hair, scrunch it with some curling lotion and mousse, and spray on some heavy duty hairspray – I like Pantene Pro V’s Mega Hold for Curls spray. It’s kinda a ‘set it and forget it’ deal. Done!

If I wear my hair to bed straightened, I always wear it down. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to bumpy hair from a hair tie. Normally, my hair looks fabulous when I wake up and its straight (not trying to toot my own horn, but seriously)- which it usually is – and only requires a quick once over with my straightener. If it needs a little TLC, this is what you’d find me doing:

1. Quick Straighten. If I need to go over it real quick, I use my HerStyler Flat Iron (Colorful Seasons collection in red – LOVE it – I highly reccomend it! You can purchase your own by clicking the link on my page under ‘Reccomended Products’ in the right column) and it takes me about 5 minutes flat. Done!

2. Tousle and Spray. If it’s straight but needs the extra ‘oomph’, I do a quick tousle with my fingers, and spray it with some hairspray. Easy and quick!

3. Volumize. Now, its not often – but there are occasions where I wake up to uber flat hair and I just can’t even deal with it. In that case, I will use some dry shampoo or a volumizer to pump up the volume. A quick spray on the underside and a flip of the hair, and I’m good to go.

Ultimately, bed head isn’t an issue for this chick anymore. I have learned how to deal – and even how to embrace – my bed head.

How many of you suffer with bed head? What do you do to deal with it or combat it? I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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