Changes Coming Soon

Hello everyone, and Good Morning!

I am writing today to fill you in on a few changes I am going to be making here soon. Not only will I be blogging about beauty/hair and skincare from now on, but I have also decided to incorporate more of the things I am passionate about and love into my blog, such as healthy eating, healthy living, natural based products and lifestyle posts, fitness, and health. I will also be including lots of family based posts as well.

I will also be posting more of my own recipes – both food based recipes, and beauty based recipes in which I’ve developed myself over the course of time. If I have the knowledge, why not share it?

With that being said, the website name is also going to change – to what, I’m not sure as of yet. I will also be buying a new domain once I get the specifics in order and will update you all on that as I get everything worked out in my mind. I just figure, this is my blog – why not put as much of myself as I want to in it? I love beauty, fashion, and hair with a passion – but there are also many other things I love. I’d rather do it this way than have a few different blogs with their own topics and titles. That way, it will all be consolidated into one. That will make my life so much easier – and much more fun!

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday. Just think – only four days until Friday! You can do it. Have a great one, everybody!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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