Bringing Back Smiles to Kids with Cancer

This is atypical of my usual posts, however I feel as though this is definitely post worthy, and I feel compelled to share this with everyone I know.

I am trying to help my daughter and her friend raise money for their fundraiser, which is helping support children with Cancer who are in the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Florida. Their goal is to buy them toys to bring the smile back to their faces and offer them some hope and happiness in the hardest time of their lives.

They have done a spectacular job of setting up this fundraiser, which had started out as a mere school project, but has turned into so much more. Now, they really want to see this thing through, and actually be able to help where it is really needed. They are passionate about reaching their goal.

If you could donate any amount – even something as small as $1 – it will help them get closer to reaching their goal. Help these kids help other kids – it’s a beautiful thing!

Thank you so much, and I appreciate you spreading this post around by liking, reblogging, and posting to your Twitter and Facebook account, as well as sharing the link to their page which can be found at:

OR, to make it easy, you can donate by clicking below to visit their fundraiser:

‘Bringing Back Smiles to Kids With Cancer’

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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