Looking for New Paid Blogging Gigs

Hello everyone, Happy Saturday.


I am writing to put it out there to the world that I am looking for further paid writing assignments. I not only write in the beauty/health/skin care/ hair care genre; on the contrary, I work for various companies worldwide on a multitude of subjects and topics. I need to bring in more income, and now is the time for me to seek further opportunities. I am most interested in the following types of opportunities:

  • Magazine Articles
  • Newspaper Columns/ Opportunities
  • News Blogging
  • Content creation for websites
  • Blogging opportunities

I have a Freelance Writing website, which is my own personal site, dedicated to various other genres and topics of writing, where potential clients can reach out to me and offer their projects. I have rates up that disclose what I am willing to work for.

In this industry, you truly do get what you pay for. I am going to go out on a limb and say if you want to pay someone $5 or some ridiculous amount such as that for an actual thought provoking, well written, error free piece with actual effort put into it, you might as well look for people to hire in countries where that is acceptable. I will not accept less than I am actually worth anymore. I have a family, and need to have money to sustain my family aside from what my husband brings in. He gets paid very well, but the cost of living is going up, and I am no longer willing to work for next to nothing, or practically free.

So, with that being said, anyone who is looking to hire me on for a project can expect to pay what I am asking for, and without haggling me down on my prices. I am a United States based writer, and I speak perfect English with no grammar or spelling mistakes. I have 3+ years’ worth of experience as a Freelance Writer. I put effort into the research I do for every project, and check my facts. I don’t expect to be treated as though I am below you; I expect to be treated with the respect I deserve, and as a valuable part of your website or company.

I am very easy to get along with, and have a great personality and outlook on life. I believe that helps a lot when working as a writer; developing a good working relationship with individuals and companies requires that. I’m sorry if this post is coming across as if I am rude, or stuffy, but in fact I am only trying to portray the frustration I am feeling with current and ongoing projects I am assigned to, because I am worth so much more than what I am currently being given. I work too hard for that. The time that goes into creating good work alone isn’t worth the aggravation.

If you are interested in getting in touch with me to hire me on for a project, please feel free to see my ‘Contact Me‘ page for more details.

Thank you for reading, and have a Blessed Day, everyone!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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