Vine Vera’s Cabernet Drink Guide – Vine Vera Reviews

Want to get creative and crafty with your Cabernet wine? Here are some fab cocktail recipes I created myself to give you some inspiration!

Vine Vera

Various wine cocktails

Not too many people may have thought to use Cabernet in a mixed drink or cocktail. Most people would think to pour themselves a big glass of red wine and just indulge on its own. Vine Vera believes in the creative process of implementing red wine and Cabernet Sauvignon, especially, into mixed drinks and cocktails – not only for the amazing flavor it adds, but for the many exemplary health benefits you are blessed with when consuming these fantastic concoctions. Vine Vera would like to give you some inspiration to create your own Cabernet infused cocktails by sharing a few recipes of our own with you today.

Spiked Pink Lemonade –Makes 1 Serving


1 Cup Pink Lemonade of your choice

1 Cup Cabernet Sauvignon of your choice



Pour both the lemonade and wine into a tall glass. Give it a quick stir, and add in ice…

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