Vine Vera Top Picks for Workout Gear – Vine Vera Reviews

If you are curious about the top women’s workout gear for 2015, have a look at this awesome post I wrote for Vine Vera

Vine Vera

Now that a New Year is upon us all, most people are trying to get rid of all of that unhealthy post-holiday weight gain, and get back to the normal pre-holiday body we all had. Perhaps you’re finally taking the initiative to get healthy after being excessively overweight for quite some time – and if so, we commend you on that! Losing weight can be a fun, great way to gain back self-confidence and self-worth. It’s important to ensure you are losing weight the right way, however, by implementing healthy steps such as working out into your daily life.

Vine Vera has found some of the coolest picks for workout gear and we would love to share these with our readers. After all, half the fun of working out is gearing up and looking cute at the same time!


Coral Rosche Nikes with Floral ‘Nike Swoosh’

We know, we…

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