Awesome Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Look


New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, ladies, and we all need to get some ideas rolling on what we want to wear, and essentially, how we want to complete our look for the big night.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “How should I do my makeup for New Year’s Eve?”, or, “What should I wear?” If you’re a bit clueless, here are a few quick pointers and tips to help you make it through the Holiday looking your best.

Opt for Black

Whether you’re choosing to wear a dress or pants, black is always a fashionable color that you cannot get wrong, no matter how hard you try. Black is slimming, flattering, and shows off your accessories and cosmetics well. It’s fitting for the occasion, and no matter what year comes knocking come December 31st, whether now or in the future, black is always in. My opinion: a semi-short black dress works fabulously. If you want to jazz things up a bit, choose a dress with sequins or some sort of shimmer to give it an extra festive look.

Silver is a Safe Bet

Silver jewelry, silver eyeshadow, and silver shoes are always a safe bet for New Year’s Eve. Plus – what could possibly pair better with black? If you’re opting for some black pants, choose a silvery top that either has sequins or shimmer to it. Add some silver eye shadow and even a silver hued lipstick if you are feeling daring and you will undoubtedly look your best.

Heels, Not Flats

This is a celebration, ladies. Heels are a must. Flats are a flop. Don’t wear flats, or you will look as though you just don’t quite care about your overall appearance. Opt for something at least 2-4″ in height, but make sure you can actually walk in whatever it is you choose to wear. There’s nothing more embarrassing (and honestly, hilarious and entertaining to the rest of us) than a woman who cannot walk well in heels. Practice, if you need to – but for God’s sake – please don’t wear flats!

Smokey Eye and Falsies

I constantly tout the effectiveness of the smokey eye for whatever occasion may arise, but its because I truly believe it works well for any look. You can do a smokey eye for New Years Eve and amp it up a bit with some silver highlights in the shadow, and false lashes. There are even false lashes adorned with diamonds, if you feel like splurging! They are available in store from Barney’s, so if you’re in the New York area, and feel like splurging, have at it! Otherwise, there are off brands which offer jewel adorned falsies which look very pretty and sexy as well.

Red Lipstick

A deep red lip color will always be a safe bet for a New Years Eve party. The darker, the better. If you want to add a bit of depth to the lips, dot the center of your lips with a high gloss lipgloss, and watch the magic in your lips as they appear fuller, and plumper – all without painful injections, creams, or even bee sting lip plumper. Nobody needs that mess!

Wavy Hair

Waves add a bit of style while enabling you to wear your hair down. Depending on where you live, humidity or snow could be a factor. Be sure to use products pertaining to the type of weather you are faced with on a daily basis to ensure you are able to keep your style all night without it falling flat. Hairspray is a must! Carry a mini sized spray with you in your purse to touch up your style throughout the night.

Hopefully, your New Year’s Eve party or night on the town won’t be too crazy – but in case it is, at least you’ll look fantastic if you follow my simple tips addressed here!

I wish you all the best New Year possible, with plenty of prosperity, health and love to go around. Here’s to 2015!

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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