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Vine Vera

Vine-Vera-Winter-Makeup-TipsWhat’s more fun than sipping hot chocolate by the fire, or watching Holiday movies on repeat? Winter cosmetic and makeup trends, of course!

Winter makeup trends are officially here, and with the latest trends comes some vintage inspired looks, as well as neutral color schemes and other exciting new concepts. Vine Vera has uncovered the latest trends and would like to unveil them to our readers today.

70’s Inspired Hues

The look of the 70’s is back with a vengeance – at least, it is in terms of eye shadow palettes and lip colors. Funky browns of all shades, greys, and taupe colors are making a huge comeback – and the bolder, the better with this look. Pair a neutral brown and even a metallic highlighter, such as a pearl color, together for the eyes, and accent with berry or brown lip colors. Bronzer is also a plus this winter…

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