Younique Product Review

I received my Younique product kit to sample and review about two weeks ago. Due to everything that’s been going on with the Holiday season here in the States, and then coming down with a terrible sickness, I had to postpone my review until today. After a long awaited bout of time, here it finally is – my Younique product review.

Once I received my gorgeous kit, I was exceptionally excited. I opened the box – which I received within just a few days – and was pleasantly surprised when I saw I received this gorgeous bag, filled and wrapped nicely with these six gorgeous products that I just couldn’t wait to try out.


The products I received are:

1. Bag


2. Younique Mineral Touch Cream Foundation in Taffeta


3. Younique Pigment Shimmer in Daring


4. Younique Moodstruck Precision Pencil Lip Liner in Posh


5. Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes


6. Younique Moodstruck Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish


7. Younique Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eye Liner in Perfect


I loved the color scheme I was sent by Sarah of Younique, and I couldn’t wait to try these gorgeous colors on my face. I knew they would work well with my medium skin tone, and provide the color I wanted with the gentleness of mineral based products in which I adore. I normally have semi-sensitive skin to new products, but I knew I would be okay with these products being that they are all mineral based.

My review of each product is detailed below:

Younique Mineral Touch Cream Foundation in Taffeta

Testing out the Taffetta Cream Foundation
Testing out the Taffeta Cream Foundation

I adored this creamy, thin, yet full coverage foundation. It was all I could have asked for out of a foundation, the application was smooth and luxe and provided a fabulous base for blusher.

Younique Pigment Shimmer in Daring

Showing off my new Younique Pigment Shimmer in Daring
Showing off my new Younique Pigment Shimmer in Daring
Picture 5319
Applying directly with my finger rather than a brush – both work well

This shimmer powder was all you could ask for in a shimmer powder. It was illuminating, stays for an adequate amount of time, doesn’t need to be reapplied, and a small bit does the trick. Overall, a fantastic product. These shimmer powders can be used other than for the eyes as well! You could use them on your nails by mixing with your fave nail polish, apply them to a finished updo to give shine and sparkle with a hint of color, dusted on your cheeks for an illuminating and tinted glow, or even included into your lip care by dotting some on your lips over clear or tinted lip gloss. Fabulous! This color worked well with my skin tone. There are many variations to choose from.

Younique Precision Lip Liner in Posh

Applying the Lip Liner in Posh
Applying the Lip Liner in Posh

This lip liner works fabulously, and looks fantastic on my skin! I paired it with the Younique Moodstruck Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish and they worked fabulously together. The ultimate in color and longevity, it stayed on for hours without needing to be re-applied. Fabulous liner!

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

Picture 5286
Applying my fave mascara – Step 1
Picture 5290
Applying the Transplanting Gel – Step 2
Picture 5294
Applying the Natural Lash Fibers – Step 3
Picture 5320
The end result – FABULOUS, thick, long lashes

The best selling product from Younique, this amazing lash kit eliminates the need to wear any false lashes and the fight with mascara to develop volumized, longer lashes. This is as simple as it gets! Simply apply a coat of your favorite mascara, then apply the Moodstruck Transplanting Gel, and follow that by applying a coat of the Moodstruck Natural Fibers. You can repeat this process as many times as you like to get the length and volume you want. It may take a few tries, but these lashes don’t lie – they are well worth the price. I recommend them to all women! These are by far my favorite product. These lashes you see here are not falsies, but my own! I didn’t go too crazy this time by over-applying a super thick lash look, but wanted to keep it more natural yet full looking.

Younique Moodstruck Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish

Applying Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish
Applying Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish

Picture 5324 Picture 5327

This lipgloss is fantastic!!! I absolutely adore the shimmer, sheen, and ability to hold for long periods of time. The color is just stand-out incredible, and looks fantastic with any skin tone. This is one of those products you won’t want to leave home without! There is a mirror built into the side of the tube, however I used my own here since I had it out already. When light catches the color, it illuminates the small flecks of shimmer and sets it on fire. A stand out product. Second fave in the set!

Younique Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eye Liner in Perfect

Moodstruck Precision Eye Liner in Perfect
Moodstruck Precision Eye Liner in Perfect

I loved the smooth application of this liner. Many eyeliner pencils are exceptionally difficult to apply, and come out looking chunky and with broken lines. Not with this Precision Eye Liner; on the contrary, it went on smooth, looked fabulous and provided even coverage that lasts all day long. I will definitely be replenishing my supply when this one runs out. This is definintely tied with the Fiber Lashes as one of my faves!

It’s difficult to say which product I loved the most as, quite honestly, all of these products were fabulous. There weren’t any that I didn’t love. The final product once everything was applied is pictured below:

DSC03865 DSC03868

Isn’t it gorgeous?

If you would like to purchase Younique products – and I highly recommend that you do – feel free to contact Sarah from Younique. Her website can be found here, and her Twitter handle is @Backwardsbarbie or by clicking here. Also, find her on Facebook here. She’s really sweet, and will help you find the products you need to match your skin tone. She can also provide you with advice on application. Be sure to give Younique products a try – especially the fiber lashes – if you want to do away with the falsies and upgrade to the newest trend in customized eye products that make life a whole lot easier, and look absolutely fabulous!

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