Dresses No Longer the Party Go-To?

Oro Gold Cosmetics

Illustration depicting a woman studying a dress on a hanger, deciding whether it is appropriate to wear to a party

Gone are the days when dresses were the number one go-to outfit for a night out on the town, or even for a date night. Going out for a night requires the need for flexibility, and to be quite honest – the mini dresses of days past didn’t quite provide that freedom without us making fools of ourselves or experiencing wardrobe malfunctions. That is why dresses have now become the number three going-out outfit on the list. Topping the list is the tried and true skinny jean, with jumpsuits now falling in second.

Orogold understands your need for looking your best, and showing up at a party in style. Avoiding wearing a dress isn’t necessary, as dresses are always cute – but if you want to fit in, skinny jeans or a cute romper or jumper is a much better choice.

According to information gathered online, there have been studies…

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