Vine Vera Takes a Look at Fashions for Over 40 – VineVera Reviews

Are you a woman in your forties, and aren’t quite sure what you should wear? Check out the article I wrote for Vine Vera that provides some tips on what you can wear in your 40’s, while still maintaining an air of youthfulness.

Vine Vera

Hitting 40 doesn’t mean your fashion life is over. On the contrary, there are many great styles for 40-something’s that look fantastic, youthful, and fun. Lucky for women, there are many designers that design styles for all age ranges. Whether you’re partial to dresses, skirts, jeans, or shorts, there are plenty of styles capable of flattering your figure that are age appropriate. Vine Vera has come up with a list of some of the best styles you can wear in your 40’s to keep you looking youthful and sexy all year round.

Over 40 woman in a pair of caprisCapri Pants

Capris offer fashionable style while maintaining age appropriateness. They look youthful and young, while providing a discreet fit and can be worn with any kind of shirt you want, from tanks, to button downs, and more. Whether you opt for a denim capri, or capris in your favorite colors, these styles look fabulous on women in…

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