Preparing Your Home for Guests

If you have a big holiday get together planned but are stressing over how to prep your home for all of the guests you’ve invited, have a look at the article I wrote for Vine Vera which provides some tips on getting ready for the big day. Feel free to reblog to your friends!

Vine Vera

Group of guests celebrating the holidays

Getting your home ready for the holidays and in top-top shape can be a nightmare for those who don’t really know where to begin. With a little guidance and a clear mind, it really isn’t too difficult to get your home ready to entertain. Vine Vera has a few tips to help you get your home ready to entertain and impress all of your holiday guests from family, to friends, to business associates and beyond.

Sprucing Up

Giving your house a quick once-over cleaning will ensure you have no dust bunnies lurking in the corners of the room, or particles of food or other unwanted items on the floor. One of the most important aspects of entertaining guests is to provide a clean, comfortable environment for them to relax in, and that’s why we chose this as the number one tip to provide you with. Be sure to thoroughly clean…

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