How to Get Voluminous Hair

I was blessed with a head full of thick, voluminous hair. I know there are many women who would kill for thick, long hair, but for me, it has always been more of a chore to manage and take care of it. Hair like mine requires a lot of time, care, and management to keep it looking top-notch. I was always the girl who wished for thin, easy to manage hair. I have just now come to love my hair, and embrace it. Funny story: My natural hair is actually an Amazonian looking mess of curls. True story! Maybe I will eventually gain the courage to post some curly haired pictures of myself. Time will tell…

Here are a couple very recent examples of my hair (straightened, mind you):

How You Can Attain Voluminous Hair

For those who want to add more volume to their hair, here are a few tips to try:

1. Use a thickening shampoo/conditioner. Only apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair, so your hair won’t be weighed down.

2. Use a good volumizing spray to pump up the volume, or add mousse to the roots and blow dry upwards and outwards from the roots to give your hair a boost

3. Blow dry your hair upside down, and brush it as you blow dry it with a bristle brush (preferably boar bristles)

4. If you’re feeling a bit flat and need a pick me up mid-day, use some dry shampoo on the roots and tousle the hair for added oomph.

5. Biotin supplements may help the hair to become thicker and fuller, and also add volume. Incorporate a Vitamin E supplement as well for healthy, shiny hair.

Hopefully, you will utilize one or all of these options. Have a voluminous hair tip? Feel free to share it in a comment.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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