Different Types of Masks and their Benefit in Skin Care

If you’re interested in facial masks, have a look at my newest article on the different types of facial masks and the benefits they have for your skin.

Vine Vera

Women of all ages are becoming more in tune with and aware of the need to properly care for their facial skin. Most women are happy to splurge on anything that can help their skin look radiant, young, and rejuvenated no matter what the cost. Vine Vera would like to present to you some different types of facial masks, and their benefits in skin care.

Beautician applying a clay mask on beautiful face of young girlClay Masks

White clay has long been revered for its ability to draw out toxins and impurities from within the skin, leaving behind smaller pores and a smooth, clean finish. Clay masks are typically thicker in consistency than other types of masks. The mask is applied to the face using your fingertips, and is left to sit for various amounts of time depending on the masks instructions. Normally, they are left to sit and work their magic anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour…

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