Beauty Secrets from Ancient China

If you’re like me, and are intrigued by ancient beauty secrets, read my latest article on Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets. You can still incorporate the ingredients of old into your every day beauty regimen and diet, to gain the maximum benefits and effects of Ancient China!

Oro Gold Cosmetics

Ancient China is home to some of the world’s best ancient beauty secrets and techniques still employed till present day. While many have yet to learn what some of these tips and tricks are, ORO GOLD would like to present to you today a few of the most effective, yet not well known, beauty tips that can be found within ancient Chinese tradition.

Beads from pearls, on a white backgroundPearls

For centuries, pearls have long been admired by those seeking a brighter, healthier appearance. Chinese women are known to age well, and one can only wonder if the incorporation of pearls could have something to do with this. The pearls were ground into a fine powder, and either infused with other ingredients and applied topically to the skin, or ingested internally. The end result was a radiant glow, which was also well moisturized. Many Orogold products also contain pearls in their ingredients as well due…

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