Vine Vera Reports on Keratosis Pilaris – VineVera Reviews

An article I wrote on Keratosis Pilaris for Vine Vera Skincare, which is a a common skin condition afflicting many women, men, and children.

Vine Vera

Skin with keratosis pilarisYou had never really given any thought to the little white bumps you’ve had have on your upper arms your entire life, until your husband so sweetly pointed them out. So, you sit down and do some research on the internet, and come up with results that sound something similar to what you’ve got: Keratosis Pilaris. Is it possible you have this common skin condition? Vine Vera examines what exactly Keratosis Pilaris is, and what you can do about it.

What it Is

Keratosis Pilaris, otherwise known as ‘Chicken Skin’, or KP for short, is a common skin condition which exhibits itself by forming small, pimple-like white bumps on the body. This condition tends to affect areas such as the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and cheeks. Although this condition is not dangerous or harmful, it can be quite annoying for the sufferer, as it is unsightly, and it’s not very…

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