Celebrity Jealousy – Is it Justified?

Love Yourself

This is a bit different from my usual posts, but I thought I would touch on a subject many women deal with on a daily basis: Celebrity jealousy.

What is it about celebrity women that we as females tend to get so upset over? Perhaps its the appearance of their seemingly perfect bodies, and flawless makeup. Maybe, its the vast array of designer clothes and shoes. Having your own personal stylist seems like a dream come true. But is all of this truly anything to get jealous over?

Jealousy is a hateful, self consuming emotion. It’s something that is as unhealthy for our mentality and physical well being as it is unattractive. With that, we need to learn to let go of jealousy and get a grasp on self acceptance.

Celebrities, by my own definition, are people designated to pull off an illusion for the entertainment of the people. These people, mind you, being people just like you and me. Like you and I, these women have flaws (shocking, I know!), and they are absolutely not perfect. Many celebrity women aren’t as gorgeous as magazines, movies, and the media make them out to be.

You’ve all seen the pictures of celebrities without makeup, and some of them are downright disturbing. Without makeup, many of these women wouldn’t be nearly as stunning or attractive as they appear to be. The fact is, for the most part, it’s all smoke in mirrors.  There are, of course, those celebrities who are naturally gorgeous.

Makeup is simply the application of various cosmetic product(s) designed to give us a more youthful appearance, and hide flaws which we deem unfit to show the world. With various tips and tricks, we can appear as flawless as any celebrity out there. True story!

Lets face a hurtful fact: there will always be someone prettier than you. I learned to accept this long ago. Acceptance of this simple truth is key to being happy with yourself.

Anybody can apply professional looking makeup to themselves at home, and look like they just paid $300 and up to have it applied. There are many tutorial videos available online to teach you how to do just that.  Remember, using quality makeup products is always the best way to go.

Perhaps, your the woman who is self conscious, and ashamed of her body. Rest assured – these women who appear to be perfect from head to toe are in fact not. Photoshop is one hell of a tool. You can take any photo and make someone look slimmer, curvier, and with a bigger bust and derriere. With that being said – be proud of you and who you are – and if you aren’t – change something!

If you’re the woman who is jealous because her husband has an eye for a certain female celebrity, just keep this in the forefront of your mind: she is unattainable, and the chances are extremely high that he will never have her. Let’s face it – it’s something most women have experienced at least once in our lives.

Can we be honest with ourselves about something? How many of us have had a ‘thing’ for that one celebrity guy or even a few (or many, for that matter)? Do we ever stop to think of how we make our guys feel? They have feelings, too!

Remember – you are absolutely capable of making yourself look like a celebrity. First, you need to start with your attitude, and believe in yourself. Confidence comes from within. When you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. When you put forth the effort it takes to make the changes you want to see in yourself, whether its losing weight, gaining weight, building a better butt, or even learning to apply professional quality makeup, you will see results. Nothing worth working for ever came easy.

So, is celebrity jealousy justifiable? Absolutely not. As women, we need to learn to love ourselves, our bodies, and our abilities – and rock ’em till the wheels fall off!

Have hope, be inspired, and most of all, love yourself.

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